The end

The end of blogging.

The end of hate, evil hateful posts to make others feel sad and look like a bad person, the end of social media, the end of hate. The end of bitterness, bitching, two faced ness and negativity.

The future of kindness, happiness, love, wonderful family and meaningful friendships, the beautiful places we go and the delicious food we eat, the finding love with yourself no matter what your flaws or scars, the never giving a second thought to those things that put you down and always making time for those who make you feel wanted, the being you and doing what makes you burst with happiness, the raising your children how fits you best and not having to prove this on the Internet, the hobbies you pursue and the laughter they bring, the fighting co op against zombies on the PS4 with your husband late into the night, the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning and the excitement of opening a box filled with a new pair of shoes.

To turning 32 with a smile, to September and the start of my new life, to a child getting older, to another who needs more help getting older and to always making time for each other.

Love your life, you only have one chance.

Bye WordPress. Wish I could say it has been fun.

And after this. I will delete the app from my iPad with no idea what my login ever was x