Sticks and stones

Will break my bones but names will never hurt me.

Or Ice. Ice will break my bones. Today I broke my wrist ice skating backwards. I’m feeling quite sorry for myself too. After having two children painkiller free I can easily say this felt a million times worse. I managed to laugh off the fall, roundup my eldest who was whizzing around, remove both of our skates whilst smiling externally but dying inside and drive all the way home willing no one to slow down so I wouldn’t have to change gear. Every gear change was absolutely horrendous and spent the drive home mostly screaming.

Husband took me to hospital where he basically laughed and showed me other people’s wrist fractures 😂 which made me feel queasy and came over very faint. The triage and radiographer went “ooohhhh” when they saw my swollen bulbous wrist too which for me wasn’t too fun. I hate not knowing the outcome of something and started hyperventilating that I’d need surgery which I’m totally petrified of.

Turns out I dislocated my wrist out and back in and when it went back, it fractured the scalphoid. So I am in a lot of pain, awaiting a fracture clinic appointment this week and feel completely useless one handed in a splint and sling.

Worst of all now no hockey practice for absolutely ages or no skating which I am a bit in mourning about. Or that I can’t work for a few weeks,luckily money isn’t an issue as I do it to keep myself busy but feel sad letting my clients down.

No real point to this post besides feeling sorry for myself. Enjoy a picture of my massive hand sat on some frozen peas before the hospital 🤚


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