I’m not very good at blogging, biannually seems to be the one.

Christmas was totally mental, like draining and hard work. We had Christmas here again with future hubbys parents and it was hard going on me. Next year we have vowed to go on holiday just us four and literally get away from all the crazy Christmas crap. The kids don’t need millions of gifts and in fact hardly play with anything anyway so it’s all a bit of waste. Im sure they would prefer the nature walks, camp fires and e tea activities bluestone has to offer over more plastic junk.

2017 is a year for lovely things, 2016 was a pretty lovely year but I have been rather excited about this year. This year has been motivating, I get to marry my best friend amongst 80 of my most favourite family and friends in the whole world. Clearly like most brides being wary of looking fat I have joined some fitness classes ran by my martial arts instructor, much easier anxiety wise as I already know a lot of the people and I feel mostly comfortable.

Paired together I have 4 hours of extreme fitness a week and have never felt better or healthier, it’s certainly working on my flab as have lost 21 pounds since Christmas which is quite a bit in a short amount of time. No deprivation or silly calorie diets, just good food and no crazy snacking on junk food. I love cooking and cooking from scratch, gives me something to focus on in the week.

Besides the inevitable wedding in 3 months (!) we have the inevitable honeymoons. Plural. We are going on a just us cruise in a butler serviced suite on a beautiful cruise ship for a few days and the other a few weeks after we are going to stay in a wonderful cabin at BLuestone in Wales. I think my social radar will be exploding after that and will long for the rest of the year in some sort of quiet.

for me right now in aspie world anxiety levels are huge, everytime I go out I panic quite a bit and have to rush in and out of shops. My hands yesterday in Sainsbury’s were so shaky and kept dropping things and looked a little bit mental, after in the car my heart was racing and felt my face flush. I can never pinpoint these things, some days are fine and some are really bad. There’s never any continuity and maybe that’s a good thing. I refuse to be defined by a condition however and will try to push things and boundaries I feel comfortable I. Because how else will you ever get by in life.

For now not much else to update, we are in wedding planning he’ll currently so hope to,update at some point after things have calmed down,


love x