Stop, drop and blog.

I haven’t written anything here in a long time, I’m not sure why I am now. Social media doesn’t seem to fit the mood as I am not an oversharer of things that are personal to me so needed a small outlet.

Things I am eternally grateful for as I am getting older and closer to marriage. (List of massive cliches)

Friendship. Those friends that ‘get’ me are worth their weight in gold. My friendship circle is a full one, with a few friends walking different paths in life but are guaranteed to keep my mind from wandering. For such a long time I have found it so hard to make and keep friends, but now finally have a social life and a full diary to keep me occupied I feel rather blessed.

Family. No specific things, I am just glad I have all three of their heads in my life however crazy our life is.

Face cream. Trust me, a good face cream is keeping me wrinkle free and fresh faced. Use a good cleanse routine and also an eye cream to try to keep age at bay. My biggest fear is getting old and regretting things I should had done many years prior.

Books. Life literally wouldn’t be worth anything if you cannot keep your mind full. I literally can’t keep thinking of the same thing or topic for very long, constant yearning for the excitement of the next interesting piece of information or hobby.

Mindfulness. Every day trying to sit back and listen to the world around you, the smells, sounds, touch of things is quite therapeutic. Today I went to meet a friend for dinner and in my usual pre going out panic, and being the first to arrive I found I was sat on a wall amongst tonnes of lavender. It was a wonderful scent and kept me from worrying by redirecting my thoughts.

Being happy. Just being happy in the moment with who you are, what you have, who’s around you and just enjoying it. Material things and body issues are really quite pointless.