Sunny days

There is something about an early morning school run on a particularly nice day. My senses are over and beyond that of regular people, I can smell the individual types of flowers, hear all the different vehicles passing rather than one collaborative noise and pick out tiny noises of children laughing whilst walking to school although I can’t see them. This calls for a big sensory overload in my own brain everyday, I could smell the freshly cut grass of yesterday so cleanly it was refreshing this morning.
I struggle however hearing voices from people, my family or other people for instance. I can’t hear HTB if he’s in the kitchen and I’m in another room, he laughs that I could hear a pin drop but can’t hear him speaking. Reason being is I’m so preoccupied honing in on everything else that I struggle to make sense of everything or pin my attention to one particular thing.
My head is a busy noisy place and it’s something that has always bothered me. I can spend all night with the remote moving the volume up and down levels until it is just so much to the dismay of HTB.

Not much else to reflect on at the moment, it’s been lovely having the kids back at school. I’ve been able to revert to our routine which is pretty much clockwork, routines for us are crucial and make us all a much happier family. I have enjoyed spending my Tuesday’s with small as its her day off from preschool. We had a wonderful time visiting grandad and going to the train museum, followed by a bit of shopping in the outlet and she behaved impeccably.

I’ve enjoyed reconnecting with people I’ve strayed from over the years and have equally enjoyed pushing myself socially to making some new acquaintances at school and my taekwondo club. Bearing in mind my daughter is almost at the end of year 1 so it has taken me almost two years to speak to anyone. Same for my taekwondo club, again almost 2 years at this one and have started finally making some firm friends and people I really look forward to seeing week after week. I don’t make friends easily however the ones I have right now are worth their weight in gold. Sometimes you need to take a step back and slowly disconnect from those who make you feel sad and unimportant. I don’t manage with negativity well.

So for the rest of the week, lots of wonderful wedding planning, I can finally start to get excited as its almost time to say it’s happening in ‘under a year’! Clearly freaking out about it nonetheless. The next couple days are filled with friends and two nights sans children so very much looking forward to getting dressed up and having some fun.

My soul is a happy one


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